Welcome to ScaleModelHub.com! This website is sort of a hobby of mine just like scale models themselves. I have been building models for years. I enjoy building plastic models of military airplanes the most but I also build AFVs, cars, bikes, and even ships. Oh, and I love building wooden ship models as well.

The website is mainly targeted toward the beginner audience. Since the plastic model building hobby is so old, there are many outright ancient kits out there that are a pain to build even for the more advanced modelers.

My aim here is to recommend kits that have a good fit while maintaining a reasonable level of detail. I think the hobby is primarily about having fun and escaping the daily grind.

Badly fitting kits in my opinion are not fun at all. This information can often only be found by scouring message boards or Youtube videos. Have I built all the models I recommend here? No. But if I haven’t built them myself, I’ve spent hours researching the kits so that you don’t have to waste your time.

Apart from model kits, we will also be looking at other things that scale modeler use, such as tools, airbrushes, glues, etc.

Hope you will find the website at least a little bit useful. In case some questions arise, feel free to ask, be it via the Contact page or the comments below the articles.